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45 Photoshop Web Shapes

Circle photoshop web shapes in CSH file format (45 vector web shapes in set). Made in Adobe Photoshop, these round web icons are ideal for your next web design project.

45 Photoshop Web Shapes Photoshop Web Shapes

Photoshop Shapes for Web Design Projects

Today’s free resource for web designers is a lovely set of free photoshop web shapes for your client projects. These circle web shapes are made in Adobe Photoshop and available in CSH file format (photoshop custom shapes) and can be used to create icons and graphics for your websites. You can use Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 to open these vector web symbols.

Here is a link to an easy tutorial about loading custom shapes into Photoshop in case you don’t know yet how to use CSH shapes.

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