60 Shopping/E-Commerce Photoshop & Vector Shapes (CSH)

Free shopping & e-commerce photoshop shapes (CSH vector brushes) – shopping cart photoshop shapes, add to shopping cart, shopping basket photoshop custom shapes, shopping bag PS shapes, photoshop tag shapes, gift shape, and “open” signs.

60 Shopping/E-Commerce Photoshop & Vector Shapes (CSH)

High-Quality Shapes for E-Commerce Designs

Today’s free download is a set of 60 professional shopping & e-commerce photoshop custom shapes in CSH file format. These stylish vector silhouettes are ideal for e-commerce web designs and can be used to create custom shopping cart & basket buttons, icons, graphics and illustrations.

This free vector pack contains the following e-commerce silhouettes:

  • 25 shopping cart photoshop shapes symbols (shopping trolley custom shapes), including “add to cart” and “remove from cart” (“delete from cart”) vector silhouettes
  • 10 shopping basket photoshop custom shapes, including “add to basket” and “remove from basket” (delete from basket”) vector silhouettes
  • 9 shopping bags custom shapes, including simple bags silhouettes and bags decorated with circles and stars
  • 13 photoshop tag shapes signs, including basic tag shapes and tags with words “free”, “sale”, “sold”
  • 1 gift photoshop custom shape symbol
  • 2 “Open” vector signs to indicate that store or shop is open

Download the zip archive, install the shopping symbols, start crafting your new design and enjoy the process and result. Photoshop custom shapes are vector-based, which means you can resize them to any size you like without losing any detail or quality. Supported Adobe Photoshop versions – CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6.

This set of beautiful shopping photoshop shapes icons is perfect for creating custom web design templates for e-commerce clients. An essential high-quality resource in your design tool box!

New to photoshop shapes? Read how to install custom shapes into Photoshop.

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