Coffee Patterns (Vector)

Seamless Coffee Patterns

Today’s freebie is a set of 4 coffee patterns made in Adobe Photoshop. The color theme has several variations of brown colors, from light beige to dark chocolate. I decided to use a grid composed of little circles and a sun shape from this pack of miscelaneous photoshop shapes, as coffee is strongly associated with morning and breakfast, and morning is with sunrise. You may also find useful these coffee cups shapes I used to create the patterns.

These coffee patterns are totally customizable, i.e. you can change the color of the coffee cups and background and apply all sorts of transformations you’d like to. The patterns won’t lose quality as they consist of vector shapes and paths. A psd (Adobe Photoshop) file with shapes layers is provided.

As usual, these coffee cup vector patterns are free to use in personal and commercial projects within designs (print, web design, etc.).

Do You Need These Coffee Patterns As .PAT?

A .PAT file is also provided, although I don’t consider it as useful as the original vectors. If you tried to scale a .PAT pattern in Photoshop, you certainly know that the quality of the pattern would be lost. Also, you can’t amend styles and resize individual objects of such a pattern.

Probably, .PAT files are good enough if you have just the right pattern. But if you are creating a piece of work which is going to be approved by someone, it is quite likely they would tell you something like this: “Could you make these ones just a little bit bigger and shift them slightly to the left?”. In fact, that would mean 2 pixels less in diameter, 3 pixels shifted to the left. Anyway, some kind of vector pattern, rather than a plain old .PAT file would make it easier for you to say “Of course” with a relaxed smile on your face.

It would be great if you let me know whether or not .PAT files are useful and why (as opposed to vector designs). This would help me decide about the need to create and distribute them on What do you think?

Coffee Cup Vector Pattern

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All freebies on Shapes4FREE, including photoshop shapes clipart, vector icons, web buttons and patterns are free for personal and commercial use. Attribution is not necessary, but certainly appreciated! Re-sale or re-distribution is prohibited. You may not offer this freebie for download on other sites, please link to this page if you would like to share. Find out more about the license.

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