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Photoshop Pattern for Packaging Designs: Abstract Circles

Abstract Pattern Ideal for Packaging Designs

Today I am starting a new section on – Free Photoshop Patterns. This photoshop vector pattern is the first one I’ve done, and I am planning to make more beautiful free patterns in the future, so come back soon!

Photoshop patterns are great for packaging designs, as applying a pattern means that the design is practically done! Abstract patterns are great because they are suitable for virtually any kind of design.

This abstract photoshop pattern is ideal for:

  • beautiful gift box patterned designs;
  • stylish gift wrapping paper designs;
  • cute plastic bag designs;
  • pretty scrapbook designs;
  • book cover designs;
  • health & beauty products packaging;
  • pillow cases, bed sheets, and tablecloth designs;
  • and basically any packaging design;

Photoshop Pattern Features:

  • This beautiful abstract circles pattern comes as .PAT file (photoshop file format for pattens) and as photoshop vector pattern (circles shapes on a shape layer).
  • The circles path components are not combined, which means you can transform and move any circle individually with the Path Selection Tool. Perfectly customisable to your needs!
  • The circles in the .PAT file are white, and the background is transparent. This way you can have any coloured background you want. Just fill a layer with a background color using the Paint Bucket Tool and apply the pattern to the same layer;
  • The psd file with vector pattern has one shape layer with circles (transparent background) and a coloured background layer (lilac).
  • This circles photoshop pattern is especially suitable for medium or large size packaging designs.

To apply this pattern to a layer, fill the layer with a color using the Paint Bucket Tool, load the pattern into Photoshop, double click the layer and in the opened “Layer Style” window choose “Pattern Overlay”. In the pattern drop down image box click on the arrow on the right to view available patterns. Select the circles patterns and that’s it!

If you need to resize all circles at once, just select the vector mask of the shape layer with circles in the layers palette and choose “Edit / Transform Path / Scale”. Move you cursor close to the appeared bound box edge, and you will see the cursor changed to double arrow. Press the mouse button and hold Shift while dragging to maintain the proportions. Release the mouse when you are happy with the size. You are done!

Download Abstract Circles Photoshop Vector Pattern

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File format: PAT PSD


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